Bronze Dual Plate Valve

The dual Plate Check valve is an automatically opened valve that only allows the medium to flow in the same direction and prevents reverse flow. Automatically open and close when there has pressure generated, no need to handle or other actuation control. Under the action of the pressure flowing in the same direction, the discs are opened, so that the medium can flow in the pipeline; conversely, when the medium flows in the opposite direction, the pressure generated by the medium and the weight of the valve discs act on the seat.


Size                          :  DN50-700

Rating                     :   PN16(DN50-300), PN10(DN350-700)

Material                :   Bronze, Brass, SS

Temperature      :   ≤250℃

End                           :   Flanged

Manufacturer    :   Other Request

Face to Face                             :   ISO5752

Design STD                               :   API594

Flange STD                                :   DIN 2501

TEST STD                                   :   EN 12266

Nominal Pressure                 :   1.0/1.6Mpa

Applicable Temperature   :   ≤250℃