PVC Gate Valve

PVC Gate Valves are widely used ON/OFF valves for large diameter, full port applications. When the valve is open, it allows a straight-through passage similar to the inside diameter of the connecting pipe providing minimal pressure drop. The valve operates when the hand wheel and stem screw (or electric actuator) move a cylindrical plug (the gate) up and down at right angles to the fluid flow.


Size                                   :   1.5 – 14 inch

Rating                             :   ANSI CLASS 150

Working Pressure   :   75PSI – 150PSI

Material                         :   High Impact PVC (HI-PVC)

Temperature               :   30°C  / 120°F

End                                   :   Flanged

Manufacturer            :   ASAHI, Other Request

» Asahi Valves – 3 year warranty

» Lightweight for easy installation

» All sizes rated for full vacuum service

» No metal to media contact inside the valve

» Straight flow through with minimal pressure drop

» Clean-out functionality is provided via a drain plug located at the bottom of the valve