Swing Check Valve

Ritepro’s Bray/Rite wafer combination swing check valves are flow activated and Rite Sized. Bray/Rite inlet ports and disc have been shape optimized to achieve a fully open position at low flow rates (3 ft/s on average). Therefore, the Bray/Rite operates exceptionally well in the flow rates typically found in pipelines containing control valves and lines with varying media flows.


Size                                   :   1″ – 60″ (25 – 1500mm)

Rating                             :   PN10 – PN40 / ASME 125 lb – 300 lb

Working Pressure   :   4 PSI – 36 PSI

Material                         :   Cast Iron, Duclite Iron, Cast Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium

Applications                :  Reduction of Water Hammer

Manufacturer             :   BRAY, Other Request

» The low pressure drop

» Either resilient or metal seated, offer zero leakage in all pressure classifications

» Substantially higher flow capacity

» Reduced water hammer