Flex Check Valve

Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Ductile Iron Flex Check Valve. Uses a unique rubber coated flexible disc which allows suspended solids and debris to past through while still providing an economic check valve to prevent backflow. Allows for a large flow rate and little head loss/pressure drop across the valve due to the full bore design and recess for the disc to sit in when fully open. Quiet operation making it suitable for domestic and commercial applications such as hospitals, hotels & unit blocks.


Size                                   :   DN50 – DN300

Rating                             :   PN16

Working Pressure   :   0 Bar – 16 Bar

Material                         :   Duclite Iron

Temperature               :   0 to 80°C

Manufacturer             :   PROCESS SYSTEMS, Other Request

» Ductile iron for increased durability

» Lining of internal surfaces will extend product life

» Fully moulded door incorporating a steel disc for rigidity

» The face to face dimensions on most FlexCheck valves are identical to BS5153

» Can be installed in horizontal or vertical pipelines

» As the FlexCheck has only one moving part and no bearings