Bronze Three Way Valve

The purpose of a 3-way valve is to change or divert the direction of media flow, as in from or to, one destination or another. Flow can be stopped in one pipe, while allowed in another. Some 3-way valves can also sometimes be used as mixing valves–the application range of 3-way valves is practically limitless.


Size                          :  DN15-65

Rating                     :   PN16

Material                :   Bronze, Brass, SS

Temperature      :   ≤250℃

End                           :   Flanged

Manufacturer    :   Other Request

Face to Face                             :   DIN 558

Design STD                               :   ASME B16.34

Flange STD                                :   DIN 2501

TEST STD                                   :   EN 12266

Nominal Pressure                 :   1.6Mpa

Applicable Temperature   :   ≤250℃