Rising Stem Gate Valve

Rising Stem Gate Valve are fixed to the gate and they rise and lower together as the valve is operated, providing a visual indication of the valve position and making it possible to grease the stem. A nut rotates around the threaded stem and moves it. This type is only suitable for above-ground installation.


Size                          :   DN40 ~ DN 1200

Rating                     :   PN10 , PN 16

Material                :   Ductile iron GGG40 , DI GGG 50, cast iron GG25

Temperature      :   -20 ~ 120 C

Wedge                   :   Iron coating EPDM / NBR

End                           :   Flanged

Manufacturer    :   NIBCO, AVK, Other Request

» Spindle’s gaskets O-ring – “DRY THREAD” – replaceable under pressure

» Stainless steel spindle with rolled thread and bearing

» Total sufrace rubbered wedge with replaceable spindle nut

» Gate valve with full bore

» All parts are protected against corrosion